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fast forward 

Fast Forward: Emily Dickinson is addicted to Facebook, Byron feels guilty for ordering from Amazon Prime, Homer can't help taking on Uber jobs so he can tell long war stories to an audience who can't escape. Shakespeare teaches community college and runs his own nightly Political Satire Youtube under the radar. What would your favorite historical poet be doing today in the 21st century? Whether you take on their voice or just tell-all tabloid-style; whether you address the addictive technology of our present-day future or an important modern-day movement, try out this time travel call for poetry and art that speak to both past and present. 

 The top 12 finalists will be published in our blog with Flying Ketchup Press in 2021 as the poet spotlight of the month. You'll get social media and blog all about you with the online publication of your poem. We will also invite you to make a video. We will share on our Youtube channel, and post it on our website of you reading or performing your poem. 

Creativity. Let it happen. Let's think about the poets of the past and the poets of the present. How are we alike? What is easier. Fast forward. Tell us what your favorite poet would be like today. 

Finalists are automatically entered into a pool of poets our editors will choose to invite to a chapbook or full manuscript for publication!!

Guidelines for each Entry: All work must be original and submitted by the author. If you are previously published, and you have retained rights, include the publication note and date of former serial publication. 

How do we decide which poems we select for this publication? Poems will be evaluated on how they fit the theme as well as creativity, narrative, and craftsmanship. We love bright bursts of surprise, metaphor, color, surrealism, accidental form, setting, and narrative voice. No name or other identifying info must be included in your submission manuscript text so that your work may be read by our judges anonymously. 

How many poems can I submit? You may submit three poems and or three works of art per entry in one document or video. All documents uploaded must be named: Author Last Name_Author First Name_Short Title_Fast.

How many times can I submit? As many as you like. 

How long is your process? You should hear back from us within 3 to 6 months.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.