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 Do you ever feel like you're running out of room? Do you just need a little more space, a place to spread your wings? Well.. just write over it.  Write all over it. Whether prose or poetry, share your short story with us. This is a collection of teen stories for teens-- ages 12 to 17 are encouraged to enter with parent or guardian permission.   

Winners of our story contest will receive a free copy of the book with publication. Winning stories will also be featured in both softcover and eBook editions titled, "Write Over it!" This book includes a page bio from every teen author and their goals for the future and their question to the world.

Guidelines for each Entry: Include a summary of your story and a few lines of biography with your age, grade, education, and experience with writing (including a date this piece was written and a short summary of the story.) Include a quote about one question you have for the world. All work must be original.

How do we decide which stories we select for the contest? Short Stories and will be evaluated on how they fit the theme as well as character, conflict, setting, dialogue, and creativity. Poetry is selected for voice and use of poetic devices like metaphor, alliteration, and zeugma.

Rating: This book will be a selection of stories rated YA for Young Adult audience level content.

Length: Looking for over 1,500 words and no longer than 8,000 words per story, but we are flexible.

How many stories can I submit? You may submit one story per entry make sure to put the Titles and Date clearly marked with no other identifying information except for the age and grade of your child. How many times can I submit? One per teen, please.

Flying Ketchup Press is granted First Serial Rights. All rights revert back to author upon publication. Confirmation of entry will be sent via e-mail by Submittable immediately after submission. An announcement of our winners will be posted through Submittable, email and social media. 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.