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Hybrid Poetry Collection

Would you like to have a full poetry collection published by a traditional publisher? Do you have a full collection of work, something bigger than a chapbook? Something with a cohesive theme, a narrative bent, and a hybrid aspect—art, photography, form, typography, a unique theme or something...  “new?” 

Our second annual “Paper Poet in Residence” will be juried by award-winning 2019 poet in residence, Poet T.L Sanders. The 2020 poet in residence will be chosen before National Poetry Month 2020. The winning poet will work on one full-length collection with an editor --to be published in time for Fountainverse Poetry Festival in Kansas City in fall of 2020. The winner is invited to read for at least one open mic at the 2020 event in KC. 

Winners of this poetry in residence will receive 10 copies of their book. This book will be published in both softcover and eBook editions.

Guidelines for each Entry: Include your bio (and any website or author page link in the letter portion of your submission along with a summary of your submitted collection). All work must be original and submitted by the author. 

Selection Committee: Poetry Collections by one author will be evaluated on how they fit the theme of “new” as well as creativity, risk, & craftmanship as a hybrid poetry book. No name or other identifying info must be included in your submission manuscript text so that your work is read by our judges anonymously.

Length: approximately 60 to 100 book size pages (60 traditional length poems)

How many poetry collections can I submit? You may submit one manuscript per entry. Each manuscript MUST have page numbers and a table of contents with active links. 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.