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Blue City 

Blue City: Poets who are from Kansas City or traveled through it, as wide around both states and the riverbend as far as you like, It’s time to share what you’ve been working on with the world. We know you are brilliant so share some of your words with us today. Send us your best poems, lyrics or spoken word. They can be about Kansas City or just on a topic you have given to your unique voice. They certainly will have rhythm and they may hold the blueness of the open sky or the soul of our music. Whatever you chose to submit is alright with us. We want to collect the poems of 60 area poets. One of them should be you don’t you think?  

Winners of our poetry contest will receive a free copy of the book. Winning poems will also be featured in both soft cover and eBook editions titled, "Blue City Poets.” This book includes a page about each poet -- including a link to your author page on our website. 

Guidelines for each Entry: Include your bio and any website or author page link in the letter portion of your submission All work must be original and submitted by the author. If previously published and you’ve retained rights, include the publication note and date of former serial publication. 

How do we decide which poems we select for this publication? Poems  will be evaluated on how they fit the theme as well as creativity, narrative, & craftmanship. No name or other identifying info must be included in your submission manuscript text, so that your work is read by our judges anonymously.

How many poems can I submit? You may submit 3 poems per entry make sure to put them in the same document with Titles and Date clearly marked with no other identifying information. 

How many times can I submit? As many as you like. Remember, however, we are publishing several poetry collections per year. Make sure to submit to the collection where your work fits the theme the best. 

Artwork on this cover is by Susan Kiefer, local Kansas City artist, 2018.