A Kansas City Publisher founded in 2018 for the epic acceleration of new voices in poetry and short story by two tough midwestern women who come from a long line of publishers, editors, book dealers, and storytellers. The ketchup stands for that one last thing in your cupboard, and for catching up creatives with new audiences. Our dream is to salvage lost treasure troves of written and illustrated work—to create worlds of wonder and delight; to share stories. Maybe yours. Find us at www.flyingketchuppress.com.

Our Short Story Collections: We are searching for the best stories that stretch the imagination—that take place in weird, wild new worlds. Is your story full of surprises, twists, adventures, mysteries, and new things we've never thought of? Then welcome home to Flying Ketchup Press. We celebrate new and classic forms of short story, and more traditional lengths with an emphasis on character, setting, and dialogue. Each year, we will publish one to two short story anthologies. You could be a part of the adventure!

Poetry: We can't get enough poetry around here. Our favorite style is narrative poetry, but we enjoy all kinds; new forms, old forms, and especially those that distill a great voice, use several poetic tools to move beyond prose and take us to new places or unique perspectives on the every day. Narrative, formed, hybrid—we can't wait to see your new work.

Art: We enjoy art with great line quality, good contrast, and nice composition. We love art that mixes several ideas and images together. Our motto is post-modern: give us a good mix of retro and new. We love art with great texture and line quality for our paperback books in black and white. Ebooks in color.

Each month we pick one winner of all our contests to receive publicity on social media and on our website! We want to celebrate you! 

Finalists in all our contests will be featured in print and ebook. 

Our books are not journals. Each one is laid out with care by artists and designers. They take time and have a thorough editing process. Our focus is to share artists and authors to as wide of an audience as possible over a long period of time. They are available by print on demand, even in bookstores rather than just available for one season. They feature original art and a page about each author with a link to your author page. 

How do we decide who is published in each collection? Short Stories, Poems, & Art will be evaluated on how they fit the theme as well as creativity & craftsmanship. We chose our poetry for the voice, short stories for the choice. Short Stories will be evaluated on deep characters paired with vivid settings, hard choices, smart action, and excellent dialogue. Our short story collections and poetry collections are for adults, but rather than looking for the next shock effect, our press emphasizes stories that are entertaining. Our idea for a great story is one that stays with you long after reading. Strong Language is okay when used in context. Our books do appeal to teens which authors should keep in mind. So we call it 14+.

How many times can I submit? You may submit as many times as you like. We pride ourselves on a thorough reading of each entry by two to three judges as well as positive and helpful feedback to our writers who submit. 

Rights: We have the right to print accepted work in a single publication with permission from the author. Afterward, the rights return to the author. We will accept work published in journals elsewhere if that is clearly stated in submission, and you have the right to the work. We do not keep the copyright on your material and especially of artists. They retain their own rights permanently. Our press is artist-run, pro-artist: all books, covers, titles, and themes are inspired first by artists' work and to promote the arts. 

path of birds 

The Path of Birds: Share your avian art and poetry, the sweetness of flight, that sense of soulfulness, the broken shells on the ground after a storm. Whether it's metaphorical, the flight of a soul, or the migration of a journey; whether it makes us catch our breath or read it again and again, we want to hear from you. The most lifting poems will be published in an upcoming chapbook with beautiful artwork and poetry by Flying Ketchup Press in 2021.

Our books include a bio of each poet, including a link to your author page on our website. Finalists are automatically entered into a pool of poets our editors will choose to invite to a chapbook or full manuscript for publication!! 

Guidelines for each Entry: All work must be original and submitted by the author. If you are previously published and you have retained rights, include the publication note and date of former serial publication. 

How do we decide which poems we select for this publication? Poems will be evaluated on how they fit the theme as well as creativity, narrative, and craftsmanship. We love bright bursts of surprise, metaphor, color, surrealism, accidental form, setting, and narrative voice. No name or other identifying info must be included in your submission manuscript text, so that your work may be read by our judges anonymously. 

How many poems can I submit? You may submit three poems per entry in one document. You may submit up to three pieces of art as well.  All documents uploaded must be named: Author Last Name_Author First Name_Short Title_Birds.

How many times can I submit? As many as you like. 

How long is your process? You should hear back from us within 8 to 12 weeks after the end of the contest. It takes six months to a year to publish a full collection of poetry in book form, in order to include time for authors to work with our editors, and for the process of graphic design, illustrations, book cover, and layout. 



Tales from Time, Space & Robot Dogs is a search for the best Sci-Fi short stories that take place in weird wild new worlds. We love surprises, twists, mysterious creatures, technological wonder, and new things. We need art for this cutting edge short story collection with the best new voices in sci-fi short fiction. ( not all the stories are about robots). Submit today! 

Genres we love art that has great line quality, great contrast, interesting texture, fun composition, and theme, and has a bit of mystery. Our fave illustrators from the past are M.C. Escher and Roger Hane. 

Finalists will be featured in softcover and ebook including a page about each author – and artist with a link to your artist page on our website. 

Guidelines for each Entry: Include your artist bio (and any website or author page link) in the letter portion of your submission along with a 50-word summary of your art.  No name or other identifying info must be included in your submission manuscript text so that your work is read by our judges anonymously.

Rating: This book will be a selection of stories for adults. Our books do appeal to teens which authors should keep in mind.  We call it 14+

Formatting your submission: jpg pdf or any image file is alright either digital or handmade art. 

How do we decide which art we select for the contest? We select artists who want to find a greater audience for their work. The work must look good in a 6 x 9-inch format both black and white and color. 

How many images can I submit? You may submit three

How long is your process? It takes up to a year to publish a full collection of short stories in book form to include time for authors to work with our editors, and for the process of graphic design, illustrations, book cover, and layout.

Flying Ketchup Press is granted First Serial Rights. All rights revert back to the author upon publication. Artists get to keep their copyright. Confirmation of entry will be sent via e-mail by Submittable immediately after submission. An announcement of our winners will be posted through Submittable and social media. 

Flying Ketchup Press